There are no travelling expenses within 2 hours of my base in Falmouth in the South West of England, or 1 hour from Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Southern Spain.

3 categories:

1) Advice and Information, 2) Surveys and Reports, 3) Management and Consultancy.


-->1.       -->Advice and Information

Accompanied Viewings – a verbal opinion on the presentation and the suitability of the vessel (or several vessels) for your intended use and sea area. This can link to a full pre-purchase survey at a later date. £35 per hour, minimum 3 hours.

General Examination – An examination based upon visual assessment and observation. A verbal opinion is offered. The examination makes no comment on condition, structural integrity or safety levels unless requested with a condition survey. No report is issued. £35 per hour, minimum 4 hours.

Measurement Reports - Simple statements of completed measurements which require independent validation. Simply stating fact, there is no introduction, summary, conclusions or recommendations.  These reports generally show figures. Typically - Ultrasound measurements, Hull Plate Thickness measurements, Engine Data, Moisture measurements. £35 per hour, minimum 4 hours. 

If requested to draw conclusions and recommendations based on these figures the format of the report will change to technical or survey based reports.


-->2.       -->Surveys and Reports

These will all vary in complexity with the more sophisticated offering recommendations and suggestions and will differ in size from perhaps one page to large documents dependent on the survey in question.

Surveys - Pre-Purchase, Insurance, Standard Condition, Full Condition, Engine Installation, Ancillary Systems and Machinery inspection, Hydraulic System inspection, Domestic Systems and Equipment inspection, On / Off Hire condition, End of Charter / Pre-Charter condition.

The above surveys require a completed quotation form – usually a fixed fee is quoted up to 15 meters, thereafter price depends on size and complexity of vessel.


Reports - Boat Valuation: £130 under 10 meters; £200 under 15 meters; thereafter depending on size and complexity of vessel. Note – A flat rate of £70 is available after completion of Pre-Purchase or Insurance Survey.

Osmosis report: £20 per meter under 10 meters; £23 per meter under 15 meters. Osmosis repairs overseen £35 per hour.

Boat Damage report: £52 per hour - repair supervision £35 per hour.

Hull and Structural report: £20 per meter under 10 meters; £23 per meter under 15 meters; thereafter depending on size and complexity of vessel. Apply using quotation form.

New Vessel Pre-Delivery report: £37 per hour – new build supervision £35 per hour.

Winter Work Schedules: £20 per meter under 10 meters; £23 per meter under 15 meters; thereafter depending on size and complexity of vessel.

Rigging, Mast & Spars, Sails report: £35 per hour, minimum 4 hours.

Gas Installation report: £35 per hour, minimum 3 hours. NOTE: This is not a CORGI inspection. 

Technical reports - These are for a specific purpose of analysing gathered data. Based on the expansion of the measurement report but with written conclusions and recommendations drawn from the data provided. From £220

Ultra sound report, Sea trial report, Engine test report, Hull plate thickness report, Moisture measurement report.

Operational reports - Factual listings of chronological factors surrounding a specific process or operation. From £220

Vessel loading / unloading condition report for road or sea transport.  Vessel lifting and storage report. Slipping / Dry-Docking report.  Manufacturing process report.


-->3.       -->Management and Consultancy

Incident reports - Straight forward factual listings of factors surrounding a specific incident which can be used by others to draw conclusions as to the reasons, causes and consequences. Such reports usually include a chronological breakdown of factors surrounding a specific process or operation. From £220

Collision, Fire, Flooding, Sinking - Incident Investigation. Accident Attendance.

Investigative reports - Research based primarily on secondary and tertiary information sources to draw conclusions on past and present processes and perhaps offer opinions to improve processes or identify failures in the system. Generally written to find out why something is happening and to suggest what to do about it. From £220

Consultancy reports - Effectively an independent review on specific subjects whereby the facts allow the production of recommendations for the future actions of others. A lot of background information is required. From £220

Repair process consultancy. New build consultancy. Risk Assessment. Transport and Delivery by road or sea arranged. Vessel search and location for sale or purchase. Boat management.

Repair supervision £35 per hour.

New Build supervision £35 per hour.


Servicing and winter work schedules overseen £35 per hour.